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CSNA 1268 - NASC 3026                                                                                                                    ANA C-71399

Year LX                                                                                                                                                              No. 6

Fourth Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Allied Gardens Rec Center, 5155 Greenbrier Ave., San Diego

5:15 p.m., Doors Open at About 4:45 p.m.

Topic This Month:

Ancients and Early Coinage

Historical Coins of Rome – Part II – Jeff DePry

This regular meeting of INSSD will be a hybrid meeting – both virtual and in-person.

We will set up a laptop and a projector in the Allied Gardens Rec Center and our presentation will be projected to in-person members and streamed over the GoToMeeting platform.  Since so few of us collect in this area of numismatics, let’s also use Southern Europe as a topic area for our show-and-tell.  The virtual meeting info is provided below.



Wed, Jun 22, 2022 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)

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In-person meetings reminder: We have a new meeting place. Allied Gardens Rec Center, Gardens Room, 5155 Greenbrier Ave, San Diego CA 92120, just off Waring Rd.  Easy to reach from I-8: Waring Road exit, up the hill, left on Greenbrier (one block beyond the Zion Ave. intersection).  In 2 blocks, Greenbrier ends at the Rec Center parking lot.  Entrance: left side of building.  (Greenbrier has two portions: the other one starts at Mission Gorge Rd. and ends at the opposite side of the park, at Glenroy St., which loops around the park to near the rec center. Get map.)

In-person meeting times: The formal meeting starts at 5:15 PM.  The room is rented from 4:45 - 7:45 PM.  We will need to set up tables and chairs and put them away.  We must be 100% out by 8 PM.

We are investigating the possibility of conducting hybrid meeting (in-person and virtual) meetings.


2022 INSSD Meeting Topics

July – Religious Figures on Medals, Coins or Paper Money

August – Celebration of 60 years of INSSD

JUNE QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

The convention season is upon us and preparations are underway, with exhibits, presentations, and donations all in the works.  I plan to attend three shows, two in Canada (RCNA, ONA) and one in the US (ANA), not to mention the local stuff.

Early European Coinage is the topic this month.  Many nations used denominations that did not survive into modern times.  Match the denominations below with their country of issue.  Note that some were used by more than one country and maybe a listed country did not have any of the listed denominations.  The 17th Century SCWC and are sources.

1.  Parpagliola    a.  Germany        k.  Poland

2.  Kreuzer         b.  Spain             l.  Netherlands

3.  Szelag           c.  Belgium

4.  Obulus          d.  Malta

5.  Liard             e.  Italy

6.  Maravedis     f.   Denmark

7.  Groat            g.  England

8.  Tari              h.  Hungary

9.  Stuiver          i.  France

10. Skilling         j.  Austria

MAY QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

Spring is in full bloom and the weekend will see 90+ degree heat.  Gotta love it!

Joe Yager will talk about the numismatics of Danzig, a very important city way back when.  Here are some related questions.

1.  The Hanseatic League was a power in the Baltic and northern Germany.  What three German cities still carry the title of Hanseatic City (Hansestadt)?

2.  What is the generally accepted year the League was founded?

3.  What year was the League officially dead?

4.  What organization followed the Hanseatic League?


1. Hansestadt Bremen, Hansestadt Hamburg, Hansestadt Lübeck.  

2. 1199, with the rebuilding of Lübeck.  

3. 1862.  

4.  The German Customs Union (Zollverein) in 1888.