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Planning for Jan-July 2023 version 1


Meeting dates: Fourth Wednesday of each month.  Club website:

Meeting times: The official meeting starts at 5:15 PM.  The room is rented from 4:45 - 7:45 PM.  

Meeting place: Allied Gardens Rec Center, Gardens Room, 5155 Greenbrier Ave, San Diego CA 92120, just off Waring Rd.  Easy to reach from I-8: Waring Road exit, up the hill, left on Greenbrier, ends at the Rec Center parking lot. Entrance: left side of building. (Greenbrier has two parts: the other one starts at Mission Gorge Rd. and ends at the opposite side of the park, at Glenroy St., which loops around the park to near the rec center. Get map.)

If we are not able to meet in person, our meeting will be virtual, using GoToMeeting software.


Ken Spindler, President     (619) 543-0751

Joe Yager, Secretary/Treasurer, GoToMeeting host (619) 285-1533

Ken Aring, Program chairman    (619) 749-7868


January:  Tues. 1/3/2023 Joint INSSD-SDNS Banquet: La Mesa Marie Callender's. 5:00 PM

    Speaker: Jeff DePry, “Introduction to Collecting Ancient Coins”

 No 4th Wednesday meeting in January.

February:  Wed., 2/22  Countries with names starting with A or B.

    No assigned presenter yet, probably just short presentations and show & tell.

    If you plan to give a big presentation, let us know to help us plan.

March: Wed. 3/22   I am hoping for a volunteer to give a full presentation. Let us know if you can.  If there is no volunteer, I will choose another general topic. (Possibly Africa)

April: Wed. 4/26  Items Portraying Historical Events or Places

    Jeff DePry, possibly Roman Historical, Part 3    

May: Wed. 5/24  Former Soviet Union Countries (May or possibly later)

    Jim Phillips, “Transnistria Notes and Coins”

June:  Wed. 6/28  Possible sometime in the summer.

    “Important People on Numismatic Items”

    Karl Stephens, “Medals Related to Martin Luther” (temporary title)

July:  Wed. 7/26  Jeff DePry Sometime between July and September